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One focal area in VILA is data-treatment. In the following we present the tools ELAN, CLAN, Transana, PluralEyes and Adobe Creative Cloud as tools for researchers and students to use when collecting visual- and audial data. We at VILA can provide guidance regarding ELAN, Transana, PluralEyes and Adobe Creative Cloud’s Premiere Pro, feel free to contact us here! As a bonus, we have developed a pdf-file with anonymization software for your visual and audial data. This is listed at the bottom of the page.


ELAN is a professional program for transcribing and annotating audio and video streams, which allows users to do complex annotations and transcribes of anything observed in a media. The complexity of the program allows users to have multiple layers (tiers) of observation; e.g. one Tier for speech, one for hand gestures etc. Furthermore, the program allows for time-aligned annotations, which means that anything noted in the program can be coded to a specific time in the media file. The content produced in ELAN is always in Unicode and is always stored as XML files for easy access to the transcripts. The program allows users to associate up to four videos in a single document, which can all be active in the main window in each their own little resizable window.  

  • Elan runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.  
  • Download ELAN by clicking here
  • Video Tutorials: For ELAN VILA has made its own video tutorials, which are available on YouTube – click here.
  • For Text manual click here.


The CLAN programs are professional tools for analyzing computerized language. The name of the programs is an acronym for Computerized Language Analysis. The programs are designed specifically to analyze data transcribed in the CHAT format. CLAN is ideal for any researcher interested in conversational interaction, language learning, or language disorders. The program helps the researcher explore basic research questions and many different language types. CLAN provides methods for speeding transcription, linking transcripts to media, sending data to automatic acoustic analysis, and computation of a wide range of morphosyntactic features.  


Transana provides the ability to transcribe for qualitative researchers, who want to analyze text data, still images, and media-based data (audio/video). Transana allows its users to do professional transcripts – either alone or using the program’s collaboration feature, which enables research colleagues to co-transcribe on a project in real time, even over long distance. In the program, data can be analyzed in a variety of ways for different analytical purposes. Furthermore, the program allows for adding coding schemes, using keywords, collections or both. Transana will also allow users to explore different relationships in coded analytical data through text reports, graphical reports, and the search tool.  


PluralEyes is a professional tool for synchronizing video and audio from multiple cameras and other audio devices. The program will allow you to sync up to 10 different audio or video files (maximum 30 minutes of length) simultaneously and thus eliminating the need for clapboards, time code or manually syncing audio to video in post-production. In addition, PluralEyes is fully compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro NLEs.  

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative cloud is a cluster of professional tools for all kinds of media editing purposes. The most important tool in VILA is Adobe Premiere Pro, which allows users to do professional video editing. The program can handle almost any video format available and has an enormous amount of editing options, which enables users to create beautiful presentations of video data. Whether it is cropping, merging or any other type of video editing – Adobe Premiere Pro will enable you. Premiere is available through VILA’s video lab at Kroghstræde 3 in Aalborg East and otherwise available by download with student discount. 

  • Premiere Pro is available for Windows and Mac OS X. 
  • You can download the entire Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe Premiere Pro, here.
  • Find video Tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro on YouTube by clicking here.
  • Text manual can be found by clicking here. 

Anonymisation of video data

If you need to anonymize the video data, there are a few software solutions available. At VILA, we have made a PDF with a short description of the most useful solutions (including a free solution). You can find the PDF file here.

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