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Twitter Capture

Tracking historical tweets back for longer than a week has been near impossible until Twitter decided to provide an advanced search option.

For the purpose of backtracking known subjects, keywords, accounts, hashtags, etc., this is a reliable and powerful tool.

Software for Archiving Tweets

There does also exist software that can archive content from Twitter, and this should be mentioned to those who might have the need.

However, the options come with some limitations. We have omitted any attempt at bringing tutorials, since this might give the impression that we are fully supporting or recommending the options:

Twitter Capture and Analysis Toolset (DMI-TCAT)

A full tool for harvesting Twitter exists at the Digital Methods Initiative, but it requires technical expertise to install it and get it to work, and NetLab cannot presently support the software.

The TCAT software and further information may be found here.


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