Watch the Video Recordings of the Workshop Twin Talks 3: Understanding and Facilitating Collaboration

About the Twin Talks workshop

This workshop is the third in a series where the main objective is to get a better understanding of the dynamics on the Digital Humanities work floor where humanities scholars and digital experts meet and work in tandem to solve humanities research questions. The workshop gives both parties the opportunity to present their achievements and share their collaboration experiences with the audience. The insights gained should help those involved in the education of humanities scholars, professionals and technical experts alike to develop better training programmes. As the problem of cross-discipline collaboration is not new we also give the floor to those who have relevant experience or interesting ideas about how to address this in university or other curricula to share their ideas with the audience.

Format of the workshop

Due to the coronavirus the DH2020 conference went virtual, and so did the Twin Talks 3 workshop. This has consequences for the format.

The workshop took place on 23 July 2020, 15:00-17:00 CEST (Amsterdam time), corresponding to 13:00-15:00 UTC and 9:00-11:00 Ottawa time.

The duration of the virtual workshop was 2 hours, and it had an interactive, panel-like format, with short pitches (duration dependent on number of accepted talks). The Twin Talk pitches briefly described (i) the research problem addressed, (ii) its solution, including the technical aspects, (iii) a report on the collaboration experience itself, including obstacles encountered and (iv) recommendations how better training and education could help to make collaboration more efficient and effective.

The Teach Talks briefly described (i) the collaboration settings on which they are based, (ii) the approach adopted, and (iii) recommendations.

After the talks there was a discussion with all participants to formulate the lessons learned from the presentations, and to identify further steps that could be taken.

This workshop is a joint initiative of CLARIN ERIC ( and DARIAH ERIC (, and is supported by the SSHOC project ( Read more on the official site.