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Transana provides the ability to transcribe for qualitative researchers, who want to analyze text data, still images, and media-based data (audio/video). Transana allows its users to do professional transcripts – either alone or using the program’s collaboration feature, which enables research colleagues to co-transcribe on a project in real time, even over long distance. In the program, data can be analyzed in a variety of ways for different analytical purposes. Furthermore, the program allows for adding coding schemes, using keywords, collections or both. Transana will also allow users to explore different relationships in coded analytical data through text reports, graphical reports, and the search tool.

Transana is supported by VILA.

Similar tools: CLAN, ELAN


Windows, Mac


350$ (approx. 2400 DKK)

TaDiRAH Level 1

Enrichment, Analysis

TaDiRAH Level 2

Annotating (Enrichment), Structural Analysis (Analysis)