Tour de CLARIN: Denmark – Interview with Klaus Nielsen

CLARIN-DK featured in "Tour de CLARIN"

In April and May 2019, CLARIN-DK was featured in the CLARIN series “Tour de CLARIN” designed to highlight the many national consortia under CLARIN-EU.

One of the highlights is an interview with a prominent researchers who is using the work of the national consortium’s infrastructure, and who share their experience with CLARIN in general. 

Jakob Lenardič conducted an interview with Klaus Nielsen, former Chief editor at the Grundtvig Study Centre, on his experiences and collaboration with CLARIN-DK. Read the interview with Klaus here.

"I think that one of the future challenges for Digital Humanities in Denmark is to find a common platform where our whole research community can have a more unified and interoperable access to as many carefully annotated resources as possible. I believe that CLARIN-DK is an excellent candidate in the country for this, because our experience with releasing the Grundtvig’s Work corpus has proven to us that their repository is a stable environment through which corpora can be released in a sustainable fashion and with well-presented metadata. On top of that, the repository also allows us to integrate our corpora with other services in the consortium. For this reason, it can only be a good thing if more digital humanities scholars in Denmark decide to deposit their resources in the CLARIN-DK repository."

What is “Tour de CLARIN”?

“Tour de CLARIN” is a CLARIN ERIC initiative that aims to periodically highlight prominent User Involvement (UI) activities of a particular CLARIN national consortium. “Tour de CLARIN“ helps:

  • to increase the visibility of the national consortia
  • to reveal the richness of the CLARIN landscape
  • to display the full range of activities throughout the network.

The series is shared through the CLARIN Newsflashblog postsFacebook and Twitter.  Check out the “Tour de CLARIN” brochures for the member countries and the first publication Tour de CLARIN, volume I, November 2018