Tour de CLARIN: Denmark – Grundtvig’s Works Corpus

CLARIN-DK featured in “Tour de CLARIN”

In April and May 2019, CLARIN-DK was featured in the CLARIN series “Tour de CLARIN” designed to highlight the many national consortia under CLARIN-EU and to showcase their work, inspirational use cases and achievements.

Each of the member countries participating in the “Tour de CLARIN” series contributes with one language resource of importance to the national consortium. CLARIN-DK has chosen the Grundtvig’s Works Corpus. Read the full blog post about their collaboration with CLARIN-DK here.

About the Grundtvig's Works Corpus

The collection Grundtvig’s Works are published by the Grundtvig Center at the University of Aarhus and will contain 1000 text critical and commented editions of the printed authorship by N.F.S. Grundtvig when finalized in 2030. The works are available to the public through a searchable interface including registers of persons, places and bible citations.

The researchers at the Grundtvig Center wanted a reliable and consistent way to cite the publication and a sustainable and interoperable environment in which they could share the work among other scholars and the public in general. Since the Grundtvig Center itself does not offer the possibility for downloading the underlying files, CLARIN-DK was approached as a repository provider.

What is “Tour de CLARIN”?

“Tour de CLARIN” is a CLARIN ERIC initiative that aims to periodically highlight prominent User Involvement (UI) activities of a particular CLARIN national consortium. “Tour de CLARIN“ helps:

  • to increase the visibility of the national consortia
  • to reveal the richness of the CLARIN landscape
  • to display the full range of activities throughout the network.

The series is shared through the CLARIN Newsflashblog postsFacebook and Twitter.  Check out the “Tour de CLARIN” brochures for the member countries and the first publication Tour de CLARIN, volume I, November 2018