Find selected research tools used by the DIGHUMLAB community and supported by experts.

  • Video Download-Helper is a tool for capturing video streams, media galleries and images from websites.

  • Videobox is a tool for downloading flash video files from websites.

  • VILA stands for ‘Video research Lab Aalborg University’ – a cross-faculty initiative supported through DIGHUMLAB and the Department of Learning and Philosophy. VILA brings together experts from several research domains at Aalborg University working w…

  • The Virtual Language Observatory (VLO) faceted browser was developed within CLARIN as a means to explore linguistic resources, services and tools available within CLARIN and related communities.

  • Web Snapper is a tool for capturing webpages (including subpages) exactly as they appear in the browser.

  • Webrecorder in an online service. It will record websites as the users browses them (anything you click on), and is especially intended to capture “dynamic web content” such as embedded video, javascripts, social media feeds, etc. A user account has…

  • WebToPDF is a plugin for the Mozilla Firefox browser. It allows for copying active web pages in pdf or jpeg file formats (pdf or jpeg files from this plugin are not machine-readable). The plugin will capture everything, or a marked section, in a brow…

  • Tools for transformations and annotations of resources can be combined into workflows with the help of’s workflow planner.