Find selected research tools used by the DIGHUMLAB community and supported by experts.

  • Mate tools is a toolkit of statistical NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) tools comprising a lemmatizer, part-of-speech tagger, morphological tagger, dependency parser, and semantic role labeler.

  • This is a transcription software and a tool for computerized language analysis.

  • This tool converts input from TEIP5 – DKCLARIN – ANNOTATION to CoNLL 2007 format.

  • ELAN is a professional program for transcribing and annotating audio and video streams, which allows users to do complex annotations and transcriptions of anything observed in a media.

  • Special search functions have been developed for the Danish Web Archive,, offering free text search or search by URL. Free text search makes it possible to find results by keywords or phrases, while URL search makes it possible to trace…

  • Print to PDF is a function within Google Chrome that permits webpages to be saved as .pdf files. It is not necessary to install any software on your computer or extensions in your browser, because the function is already existent in Google Chrome. Op…

  • HTTrack is an application for downloading entire websites, inluding subpages.

  • Mobile Labs provides help for students and researchers, with recording and editing their data. The physical lab with recording equipment and Mac’s with video editing software is located in Kolding. The workshops are available on demand either in the…

  • Mozilla Firefox is an open source browser which can be customized with a wide variety of plug-ins.

  • Musicbox is a tool for downloading sound files from websites.