Find selected research tools used by the DIGHUMLAB community and supported by experts.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of different software for media editing, i.e. video editing, audio editing, image editing, and vector graphic editing.

  • Mate tools is a toolkit of statistical NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) tools comprising a lemmatizer, part-of-speech tagger, morphological tagger, dependency parser, and semantic role labeler.

  • A Part-Of-Speech Tagger (POS Tagger) is a piece of software that reads text in some language and assigns parts of speech to each word (and other token), such as noun, verb, adjective, etc.

  • This is a transcription software and a tool for computerized language analysis.

  • CLARIN makes digital language resources available to scholars, researchers, students and citizen-scientists from all disciplines, especially in the humanities and social sciences, through single sign-on access. CLARIN offers long-term solutions and t…

  • The CMDI Component Registry Editor is a front-end, online web application to view, create and modify CMDI Profiles and Components.

  • This tool converts input from TEIP5 – DKCLARIN – ANNOTATION to CoNLL 2007 format.

  • The lemmatiser derives the base form (lemma) of words using a set of rules and an optional dictionary that express the relation between word forms and base forms.

  • Read more Cultural Heritage Cluster is a High-Performance Computer based at the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus. The Cultural Heritage Cluster applies state-of-the-art technologies within data science and in collaboration with DeiC facilitates quantit…

  • DU Recorder is a free application for screen recording on Android devices. The free version will advertise for upgrading to a paid version. By default, the application adds a watermark to the recorded video, but this can be switched off. The video tu…