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Free Text and URL Search at

Special search functions have been developed for the Danish Web Archive,, offering free text search or search by URL. Free text search makes it possible to find results by keywords or phrases, while URL search makes it possible to trace or retrieve older versions of websites with known addresses.

Since the technologies for searching a Web archive differs from the Web as represented on the Internet, the two search functions are offered as separate systems. Ideally they will over time be integrated into a seamless user experience, offering both functions as if they used the same technologies.

The use of these tools requires access to Netarkivet.

TaDiRAH 1. Level category: Capture
TaDiRAH 2. Level category: Discovering
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Tutorial name: About Netarchive
Cost: Free
Research objects: Web
Collection name: The Danish Web Archive
Last modified: May 10, 2017