The Digital Literacy course held its closing seminar in August 2021

The Digital Literacy course took place from June 2020 and held its closing seminar in August 2021.

The project involved 60 researchers from the social sciences and the humanities from five Danish universities, each with an individual project. The course was financed by DIGHUMLAB and IT-vest with co-funding from the participating institutions.

Like many other activities, the pandemic made working conditions less than ideal and the closing seminar was the only physical meeting of the course. At the closing seminar, projects on art history, archeology, and literature were presented and the participants discussed how they could use their experiences as a springboard for new project.

While the focus has been on developing competencies among the participants to work with data at scale and to integrate new opportunities into their core field of research, it was also important to develop a research infrastructure with a network of supporters from all universities that have gained valuable experience in understanding the needs of scholars from a range of disciplines. This support network continues to exist, and it is very likely that a new round of Digital Literacy will take place from the Autumn of 2022.

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