THE DIGITAL CURRICULUM: Develop your syllabus with digital resources for your teaching in the spring 2020

Digital methods in teaching

In the coming year, Digital Arts Initiative will focus on digital methods in teaching. The recent years have offered new approaches to data (e.g. digitised archives and databases), new forms of data (for example from social media or through scans of objects), and analytical opportunities (e.g. text mining) that have contributed to a change in the overall picture of what humanities data is.

Teaching should also be characterised by both the necessary connection between research and teaching, and consider whether there are educational opportunities and other competencies that can be developed in the subjects at Arts.

Together with CUDiM, Digital Arts Initiative has two offers for all teachers at Arts:

  1. A one-day seminar on August 15, focusing on developing a curriculum with digital methods.
  2. A course, supported by IT Vest, where up to 20 teachers will receive further training and sparring in relation to developing their teaching. Participants will be credited 30 hours in their time sheets.

If you have any questions regarding the offers and course, get in touch with the organisers at