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SMURF is a tool for visualisation of how the Danish language has evolved through exploration of words and sentences used in Danish newspapers since the 18th century.

The search tool uses data from The Royal Danish Library’s digital collection of newspapers, which consists of more than 35 million pages located in Mediestream. SMURF is quick and effective for researchers and students to use, when they wish to analyse the use and popularity of words.

“SMURF is an excellent tool for accessing more than two hundred years of language use in Danish newspapers. It's easy to use, and it provides robust results, whether you are interested in the long lines of conceptual development or in specific events in history. Unlike the Google Books Ngram Viewer, one can go back to any source that has produced the results. It is a tool that is useful in many subjects for both teaching and research.”

SMURF is not only meant to support scientific research, but it also serves as a fun and interesting tool for the curious public who has an interest in certain words or sentences and how the language has evolved.

SMURF allows the user to explore the results by selecting any given year and uncovering all newspaper pages that contain the word. Further, the places where the word emerges are highlighted. Due to copyright restrictions, there is full access to newspaper pages published before 1919, but if you find yourself at the Royal Danish Library, you will have full access to all 35 million pages.

At the moment, SMURF is in beta. For more information, please contact KB Labs


Check out the short tutorial for SMURF.


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