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Save Page Now (Internet Archive)

The Internet Archive has a “Save page now” function that is highly convenient for two purposes:

  • It provides a way to instantly save content that you have found, and
  • It provides you with a stable reference to said content.

An archived copy of a webpage is safer to use as a reference in scientific articles and and dissertations than the original page URL, because the archived copy is much less likely to disappear later than the “live” webpage.

The service has two limitations; it will not capture pages that do now allow crawling, and The Internet Archive respects such policies retroactively; wherefore a successfully saved page may still become unavailable.

For these reasons it is still recommended to create local copies of the content you wish to preserve, but the “Save page now” feature can help you to capture content before it disappears, and in most cases will be an improvement over referencing an original URL.


NetLab Tutorial

You can download the NetLab tutorial for the “Save page now” function in The Internet Archive as a PDF here.


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