NEW OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL: QuiViRR – Qualitative Video Research Reports

QuiViRR: Qualitative Video Research Reports (pronounced ‘quiver’) is a hybrid academic journal that supports both blind peer review and non-peer reviewed content. Its broad thematic focus is qualitative research methods in the humanities and social sciences that are centrally and substantively video-based.

The main areas that the journal covers include:

  • Using audio-visual technology for research purposes;
  • Conducting and transforming video-based qualitative research;
  • Supporting video-based qualitative research methods with software and hardware solutions;
  • Documenting and investigating sociotechnical practices of research with video and audio;
  • Appropriating and developing new technologies to extend video-based qualitative research in new directions, e.g. immersive XR, spatial audio or drone video;
  • Critically documenting and reflecting on the practices and workflow of video methods, from data collection to dissemination of results;
  • Exploring interventions in social, political and cultural contexts in and through video-based qualitative research.

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