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Netvizz for Facebook Data Extraction and Analysis

Netvizz is an application designed to extract data from Facebook using Facebook’s own API. It was developed by Bernhard Rieder (associate professor in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam and a researcher with the Digital Methods Initiative) as a research tool.


The application is installed directly to a Facebook account and accessed from there, or using the same URL as the one used for the installation.

Important notice: Changes in Facebook’s API and privacy policies have imposed a growing number of limits on the application, and it may completely stop working at any time.

The overview video by the developer describes two functions that no longer exist or have undergone restrictions; but it is recommended for going into detail in explaining how the application works, and how data are retrieved. It also points out important information reference points for Facebook’s API.

The following modules described in the video tutorial have been retired due to changes in Facebook’s API: Group data, page data.

The search module has been limited. While it could previously search for pages, groups, and events, it can now search only for places (literally referring to geographical places, but the search function can also retrieve references for other entities, such as companies).

The following modules have been added to the later versions of Netvizz: Page posts, page timeline images. “Page posts” can retrieve data on post activities for a specified personal Facebook page, and “page timeline images” can retrieve a thumbnail overview of images that were posted on a page. These features no longer work for group pages.


Watch this overview video for Netvizz 1.2+ by developer Bernhard Rieder.

The modules “group data” and “page data” from 09:22 to 21:16 in the video are retired; you may want to skip these parts.




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TaDiRAH 1. Level category: Capture, Analysis
TaDiRAH 2. Level category: Gathering, Discovering
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Research objects: Web
Last modified: March 15, 2019