Are you a media scholar, a historian, a social scientist or any other kind of scholar from the humanities or the social sciences who want to study the internet?

Then NetLab may be able to help you with approaching the internet, one of the richest and most important sources to modern life of today.

Learning Resources

Workshops and seminars

Read more about NetLab’s workshops, PhD workshops and seminars on web archiving and relevant tools.

Tools and tutorials

Check out NetLab’s list of tools for preserving websites, video, sound, hyperlink, social media and more.

Online courses

NetLab offers online courses on web archives and web archiving. Take a look at the brochure.


Take a look at the broad range of activities offered by NetLab: NetLab Forum, IT developer support or access to Netarkivet.

Investigating archived web

The internet research infrastructure is aimed at scholars and students who study online as well as archived internet materials. Online studies of the internet could for instance be studies of Twitter or YouTube comments and for this you can check the ‘Tools and tutorials’ section on NetLab’s website.

As for studies of archived internet materials – for instance the history of a website or of hyperlink networks – the national Danish web archive Netarkivet is part of the research infrastructure. The collections in Netarkivet are accessible for researchers and students on masters level (please contact Netarkivet directly for access). Netarkivet’s research infrastructure for the study of archived material is continually being developed, and as for now, it is possible to study material in Netarkivet or to have it extracted and handed over for further study.

Selected tools

Web Snapper is a tool for capturing web pages (including subpages) as they appear in the browser.

Netvizz is an application designed to extract data from Facebook using Facebook’s own API.

VideoboxPro is a tool for downloading video and audio files from websites.

Workshops, PhD seminars, online courses and support

We offer introductory workshops for researchers who want to study archived web, including web in other web archives than Netarkivet, or who want to archive the web themselves. These workshops are organised at the researchers institution, they are free of charge for DIGHUMLAB members, and a min. of 6 researchers must participate.

We also organise PhD seminars twice per year, every January and August. In addition, it is also possible to join our online corse. And, finally, we also give advice to individual researchers or groups of researchers who intend to include archived web in their studies or in grant applications. The research infrastructure for the study of internet materials can also be an access point to similar international research infrastructures.


NetLab workshop
“This ought to be a mandatory methodology course for all Master’s programs in the Humanities department.”
Marie Louise Tørring, Associate professor in Anthropology, Aarhus University


NetLab online course
“Thanks for an interesting and practical course. It has certainly given me a lot to think about, and many useful ways of approaching my data gathering for my project!”
Ally McCrow-Young, PhD Fellow, University of Copenhagen


NetLab online course
“I finish the course with a much greater understanding of the challenges of modern web archiving, that I had not considered before. And with a bag full of new tricks on how to preserve things online and how to search in web archives.”
Barbara Ana Revuelta-Eugercios, Visiting researcher, University of Copenhagen

IT developer support

Would you like to have your own IT developer to support you when studying th archived web? NetLab advertises a number of full time IT developer support weeks to Danish researchers studying phenomena on the web. See previous examples of projects that have received IT developer support:

NetLab Forum

The purpose of NetLab Forum is to further knowledge sharing and exchange experience between participants and to promote discussion of the development of a digital research infrastructure. NetLab Forum takes place 3-4 times annually.

NetLab Forum was established in December 2012 and is open for all who participate or take an interest in NetLab projects such as research infrastructure, NetLab workshops etc.

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Questions or comments? Do you wish to join the community? Or do you want to get started with a workshop or a meeting?

Please get in touch with Niels Brügger, community lead in NetLab.