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NetLab – Workshop – Web archiving

Do you work with web material in your research? Do you need to archive web material to preserve your research object? Or do you wish to use material that has previously been online, but is now only available in a web archive?

Perhaps you are doing research into history or society, and are working with an event that has been intensively covered online? Maybe you are researching online fan culture? Or online works of art? Perhaps you are researching language use in Internet forums? Maybe you are studying social media, and are interested in finding out how to archive that type of data? Perhaps you want to save parts of a website, so that, for one reason or another, you can study it and document your observations?

If so, NetLab’s research workshop on web archiving will be useful for you.

“This ought to be a mandatory methodology course for all Master’s programs in the Humanities department.”

The purpose of the workshop is to give you an introduction to working with archived web material in research, including:

  • Insight into the challenges of working with archived web material as a research object,
  • A presentation of the various ways you can archive web material yourself – and hands-on experience of using various tools,
  • Knowledge of existing web archives, and of how these can be used in research.

NetLab workshops are available as a free service to researchers in the humanities and social sciences in the DIGHUMLAB partner institutions. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information, including pricing for non-DIGHUMLAB affiliates.

For more details on our workshops, please see our workshop brochure.

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