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NetLab – Materials – Using web archives in research: An introduction

This book has been written in connection with the development of NetLab’s workshops on web archiving for researchers. These workshops provide the participants with an introduction to working with archived web materials in research, including a description of what web archiving is, the challenges of using archived web materials as an object of research, knowledge of existing web archives, and tools for micro archiving, so that researchers can themselves archive web materials.

The purpose of this book is to gather and make available knowledge about the use of web archives for research. It is written in a Danish context and adapted to the needs of Danish researchers but can also be useful for other researchers.

The book serves as the course material for NetLab’s workshops, and is distributed as a free PDF to participants. The structure of the book is therefore inspired by the modules of the NetLab workshops, but it can easily be read independently of the workshops. The book will be continuously updated with relevant new research in web archiving, for which reason it will be made available in several different versions in the longer term.

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