NEW PUBLICATION: NetLab releases manual with basic tips for HTTrack Website Copier

HTTrack is an application for downloading entire websites, including subpages. The application can save a browsable copy of a website as it was at the time of download.

The new manual is a short user guide to help with the most basic problems, you may encounter when trying to copy a website using the HTTrack application.

HTTrack is highly configurable. It can be preset to download several websites in one process, to stick to specific sections of websites, to include or exclude specific file types, and to include or exclude content
linked to on the main website(s) being harvested.

For most users the default settings will yield satisfactory results in respect of including pages and primary content such as pictures hosted on external websites.

However, there are three basic settings that may be very helpful to be aware of, and to try as the first steps towards solving problems with copying a website:

  • Download speed
  • robots.txt setting
  • and browser ID

Go check out the manual at the official website