MOOC on Computational Thinking, Aarhus University

MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered by AU

Computational thinking is a systematic and creative approach to problem solving. It involves analysis and formalization of complex problems, understanding and designing algorithms, as well as divergent and convergent ways of thinking.

This MOOC on computational thinking is offered by Aarhus University as part of the ERASMUS+ project ColMOOC. It runs from September 9 to October 6, 2019 (4 weeks).

About the course

Computational thinking is a problem solving method that uses concepts and ideas from Computer Science. However, as this course will demonstrate, you do not have to be a computer scientist to use computational thinking. On the contrary, computational thinking has been marked as a fundamental 21st Century skill that is essential for everyone in any field.

Problem solving with computational thinking involves four steps: decomposition (breaking down a complex problem into smaller ones), pattern recognition (identifying patterns in data and sub-problems), abstraction (focusing only on the essential), and algorithm design (creating a solution “recipe”).

Finally, the course can also be seen as a preparatory course for participants that want to continue their education with another course on programming.


Read more about registration on the official colMOOC website.

August 5 - September 15, 2019