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MeLOAR is a search engine for large scientific datasets. The tool uses data from LOAR (Library Open Access Repository) which is a collection of research data from Aarhus University and the Royal Danish Library open datasets. MeLOAR is effective because it is restricted to specific datasets that contain documents within the same scientific field.

“With this resource being easily accessible, we can expect future research to a much greater extent to be based on newest evidence. Researchers find themselves often under time pressure, and easy access to actual observations done by others is a crucial factor for the resilience of proposed theories. At the same time, the resolution of the information in the reports is by magnitudes higher than one finds in the indexes from databases; researchers can now easily find discoveries that normally would have drowned or be otherwise invisible in traditional contexts of documentation."

About MeLOAR

MeLOAR for ‘Report Archive of Archeological Investigation’ has been developed in collaboration with the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University. This archive uses a collection that contains more than 10.000 digital Danish archeological investigations dating back to 2005. MeLOAR is a search tool that not only list the results, but also highlights the places where the searched emerges in the results. Further, MeLOAR allows geographical search, while it will also pinpoint the location of the results. This gives researchers and students a powerful tool that solely contains documents within their field, and it makes search for methods and inspiration more manageable.

MeLOAR holds a huge potential for the future as it can be applied to other datasets, providing the same possibilities of search.

"In the educational setting at universities, it is now possible to refer to this resource to the students, and thus make it possible to open uncharted avenues of research. Finally, it is now much easier for our employees at the Danish museums to document the relevance of a given investigation. It is a pure win-win situation for everybody in the heritage sector.”



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TaDiRAH Level 1

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