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Library Open Access Repository (LOAR) is an open data repository for long-term preservation of research data, established in 2016, as a service for storing and providing access to Danish research data. LOAR does not only contain research data, but it also contains some of the Royal Danish Library’s open data sets.

Key goals of LOAR

The service has the following key goals:

  • Make data accessible to review for publications
  • Enable researchers to meet requirements for Danish and European grants
  • Ensure data privacy and removal of data as appropriate
  • Enable reuse of data where appropriate

These goals ensure that LOAR meets the FAIR principles of data being findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

Tutorial FAQ

For more information on how to use, access and submit data in LOAR go to KB Labs’ LOAR FAQ site. Find frequently asked questions about LOAR – and their answers.


The repository does not only serve as a place to store research data, but the stored data can be used to provide an efficient search tool for the specific data collection.

At, a so-called MeLOAR for ‘Report Archive of Archeological Investigation’ has been developed in collaboration with the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University. This archive uses a collection that contains more than 10.000 digital Danish archaeological investigations dating back to 2005.

MeLOAR is a search tool that not only lists the results, but also highlights the places where the searched emerges in the results. Further, this MeLOAR allows geographical search, but it will also pinpoint the location of the results. This gives researchers and students a completely new powerful tool that solely contains documents within their field, and it makes search for methods and inspiration more manageable.


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