Learning Resources

User manual for LARM.fm

This manual is a basic introduction to the digital infrastructure LARM.fm. The manual is available in Danish and English.

Video tutorials demonstrating the use of LARM.fm are also available in both Danish and English. You can see, for instance, how to search and add metadata in LARM.fm. 

To get an overview of the LARM.fm collection (number of materials, material types etc.), read more on what you can find in LARM.fm.

DIGHUMLAB offers regular workshops on the use of LARM.fm. These will be announced here on the DIGHUMLAB website. You are also welcome to contact head of LARM.fm Janne Nielsen if you and some colleagues or fellow students are interested in a workshop.

Questions, comments and feedback

Seeing as LARM.fm is in constant development, the manual will be regularly update and the newest version will be available here at the website. We welcome comments from the users, enabling us to improve the manual on an ongoing basis. Please direct comments regarding the manual to Janne Nielsen. You are also welcome to write if you have other questions or if you experience technical problems when using LARM.fm. 

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