is an online platform where university researchers, teachers and students have access to a huge archive of Danish radio and television programmes from the State Media Archive.

With access to millions of programmes and affiliated OCR-scanned PDF-files from 1925 and onwards, users can explore the source material and use it in relation to research, teaching, presentations, exams, student projects etc.

Learning Resources


Find tutorials on how to get started, to search, to organise files as projects and add metadata.

User manual

Check out the user manual for a basic introduction to the digital infrastructure

Collection overview

Get an overview of the number of different sources that you can expect to find in the collection.

Workshops and events organises different types of events such as workshops and seminars. Workshops are held when requested. is an archive and a work space is not only a digital archive for radio and television. It also offers various search tools and is a work space for cooperation in research and teaching. Users can organise, annotate and save collections of digital objects from the archives.

They can link directly to the files, share collections with other (groups of) users and add new information to the data so the work space is collectively enriched.

Gaining access, gaining skills

Users can access through their institutional WAYF-login, if the institution has a license. Every Internet user without login can use the search tools and see the metadata, but is not able to stream or open the files. is regularly improved and updated with new material. The platform has been through extensive changes through 2015 and a new manual and tutorials have been added in 2016/2017 and are being updated continuously as the platform improves.

If you have problems in relation to the use of, you can contact the help desk directly from the platform by clicking on ‘Kontakt’ (contact).

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The early beginnings of

LARM Audio Research Archive was an interdisciplinary project, the goal of which was the production of a digital infrastructure to facilitate researchers’ access to the Danish radiophonic cultural heritage. Read more about the LARM project.

The LARM Project is documented in the publication LARM Audio Research Archive. The project ended in 2014, and the research infrastructure was handed over to DIGHUMLAB.

LARM Radio was a podcast radio produced by students, researchers and radio enthusiasts under the project LARM Audio Research Archive from 2010 to 2014.

LARM Radio was a platform for experiments within radio and sound production. The ambition was to develop a radio that asked insightful questions,  created new knowledge and explored how thoughts, ideas and research may take an audible form.

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