Inspiration – Silke Holmqvist

“Media in general, both radio and TV, are heavily under-prioritised as historical sources, even though they are central for our modern time. In a historical perspective, we know very little about the television contents in prime time. In the period that I study, the Danes watched an average of 1 hour and some 20 minutes every day for 20 years. However, we do not know much about what they were looking at. offers insights into that matter.”

“I can easily recommend to others, and I do it all the time. If a colleague is working with a specific historical topic, it is really rare that you don’t find something in a search – a radio programme that puts your work into perspective. is an excellent place to get a broad overview of events in our past.” 

These impressions are extracted from a case on in practice with Silke Holmqvist. Go to the full case.