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Hyperlink Extraction

You may want to collect and preserve the hyperlinks from one or more web pages. We recommend using the Digital Methods’ tool Link Ripper.

The software runs in a web browser where you insert one or more web addresses, and the software pulls out all the hyperlinks from these web pages. It is possible to extract internal as well as external hyperlinks.

If you need to extract hyperlinks from the text on a web page that you have already found, for instance the result page of a Google search, you may want to use the Digital Methods’ Harvester Tool.

This software also runs in a web browser where you insert any text, including web source code, and the software pulls out all the hyperlinks from the text.

Finally, in case you need to extract the hyperlinks from more web pages and websites, we recommend using Digital Methods’ tool Issue Crawler.

You need to create an account (free), and then the software runs in your web browser. The Issue Crawler is made to create hyperlink network analyses, but the first step of this is crawling the websites to be included in the network, which means visiting the specified websites and extracting their hyperlinks.

Thus, you can use the Issue Crawler as a hyperlink extraction tool, without using it for the network analysis. Just run the network analysis, and once this is done you can export the list of hyperlinks that the software generated (the point retrieve starting points and network URLs).


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