Workshop on Research Software Engineering and Digital Humanities: Sustaining Expertise, December 9 2019, London

As the scale and complexity of Digital Humanities projects increase and challenges facing researchers and institutions become more pressing, the need for creating and maintaining communities of practice for knowledge transfer, training and exchange of best practices becomes paramount.

This advanced training workshop, organised with support from Digital Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities (DARIAH) as part of DARIAH-DESIR project, will bring together experts working at the intersection of Digital Humanities and Research Software Engineering for a day of discussions around RSE models, training practices and meaningful exchange of ideas.

The workshop will be hosted by King’s Digital Lab (KDL), established at King’s College London in 2015. KDL has accumulated a wealth of expertise in managing a large portfolio of ongoing and legacy projects of varying sizes and levels of complexity. This expertise is expressed in a set of flexible yet well-defined practices that guide a project’s lifecycle from the first expression of interest by the partner to archiving. In their session of the workshop, experts from KDL will present KDL’s Software Development Lifecycle and outline the roles team members play at different stages of a project’s development.

Other confirmed speakers include Jonathan Blaney (Institute of Historical Research, SAS, London), Alexander Czmiel (Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften), Michael Pidd (Digital Humanities Institute, Sheffield), Gary Stringer (Exeter Digital Lab) and Jane Winters (SAS, University of London).

The workshop will further showcase Digital Research Infrastructure for Arts and Humanities (DARIAH)’s training platforms as a vehicle enabling dissemination of Digital Humanities training at all levels of expertise, for sharing and discussing information and establishing best practices in DH in a range of formats. (TBC)

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8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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