Seminar: Generic Platforms

Arranged by Grundtvigcentret

In the beginning of 2017 two workshops were held at UCPH under the headlines “Digital Editions and Resources from the User’s Perspective” (February 6) and “Digital Editions and Resources from the Editor’s Perspective” (March 6-7). 

These workshops were related to one of the special interest groups of DIGHUMLAB: TEI-standard for DIGITAL Publishing.

The follow up seminar is on the topic of Generic Platforms.

One of the results of the 2017 workshops was a set of recommendations from users and editors as to how a generic encoding practise and viewing application should be organised.

From these, a team comprised the set of XML guidelines (TEI fælles praksis ­– TEI Generic Practice) which was circulated amongst the participant September last year.

Taking a similar approach, this seminar seeks define how a generic national application might be established through presentations of similar endeavours from Finland, Switzerland, and Norway.

In addition, Karen-Magrethe Österlin will add the professional design perspective, and The Royal Library will present their first test-version of a new generic application.

Hopefully as many as possible will join the event and discuss this important topic.

After the seminar, everyone is welcome to attend a vegetarian (and low cost) dinner at his or her own expense.

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