NetLab PhD and Researcher Workshop, January 13 2022, Aarhus

NetLab hosts two annual workshops designed to serve as a 1 ECTS course for PhD students.

Other researchers are also welcome!

The first PhD workshop of 2022 will be on:

January 13 2022, from 10 am to 4 pm, in Aarhus

Technologies for archiving online content for research purposes will be presented and tried in a hands-on session in the workshop. For the hands-on session, participants will be able to work with methods relevant to their own specific projects.

The PhD Workshops are based on our regular NetLab workshops, but they require more preparation in the form of reading and each participant handing in a short description of his/her project and how archived web is perceived as relevant in this context.

A PhD workshop may be taken independently, or serve as an introduction and preparation for NetLab’s Online Course in Web Archives and Web Archiving.

An online course may be taken as a follow-up for the workshop or independently; a PhD Workshop is not required in advance of this.

PhD workshops require 6-7 participants to be registered. If a workshop is cancelled for having too few participants, those who have signed up may register for an online course as an alternative.

The deadline for signing up for a workshop is four weeks before the workshop date. Interested parties may contact us later than this, but the possibilities for late registration depends on several factors.

NetLab’s PhD workshops are available as a free service to researchers in the humanities and social sciences in the DIGHUMLAB partner institutions. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information, including pricing for non-DIGHUMLAB affiliates.

If you are interested, please share the offer with colleagues. Remember that we also welcome regular researchers from your department.

A NetLab PhD Workshop brochure can be found here.

For signing up, please contact us using: info [at]

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Workshop details

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10:00 am - 4:00 pm