Digital Matters: Designing/Performing Agency for the Anthropocene, September 5-7, hybrid

The theme for the 25th annual DRHA conference is Digital Matters: Designing/Performing Agency for the Anthropocene.

Conference Theme: The Anthropocene offers a contradiction and a challenge. Its contradiction lies in highlighting the immensity of human impact on a planetary scale matched only by the impotence of creating agencies that might mitigate or change this impact. Its challenge lies in the collapse of the nature/culture-divide that results in a shift in temporal, spatial, and conceptual scales. The Anthropocene reshapes how we think, perceive, design, create and connect. The current pandemic has shown us that the interconnectivity of the Anthropocene is no longer hampered by being too complex or abstract; the pandemic instead has forced these shifts into a globally shared experience.

This year the DRHA conference is organized by Dr. Christian Stein (Humboldt University Berlin), Dr. Lindsey Drury (Free University Berlin) and Dr. Ramona Mosse (Free University Berlin) and is hosted by the Excellence Cluster “Matters of Activity: Image – Space – Material” at the Humboldt University Berlin and further supported by a partnership with the Excellence Cluster (EXC) 2020 “Temporal Communities – Doing Literature in a Global Perspective.”

Please note: Depending on the development of the pandemic, the conference will take place in a hybrid format or fully online.

Conference details

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05/09/2021 - 07/09/2021
12:00 am

Hybrid format