Electronic Literature (e-lit) and Covid 19 – A DARIAH Theme funded project

The project “Electronic Literature (e-lit) and Covid 19” was one of the funded projects by the DARIAH Theme 2020-2021 funding call, coordinated by Søren Bro Pold (Aarhus University).

The project explored how the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting measures, and movement of cultural life online reflected in electronic literature and other digital narrative practices online. To do so, the team developed an analytical research study, an open-access research collection, an online exhibition and a critical study of electronic literature and digital art produced during the time of a pandemic.

The project team interviewed 18 different artists during March and April 2021 which led to the creation of a full documentary entitled COVID E-LIT: Digital Art During the Pandemic. This 45 minute documentary follows the experiences of digital artists of the early COVID-19 pandemic throughout the United States, South America, and Europe.

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