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thumb_elanELAN is a professional program for transcribing and annotating audio and video streams, which allows users to do complex annotations and transcriptions of anything observed in a media. The complexity of the program allows users to have multiple layers (tiers) of observation; e.g. one Tier for speech, one for hand gestures etc. Furthermore, the program allows for time-aligned annotations, which means that anything noted in the program can be coded to a specific time in the media file. The content produced in ELAN is always in Unicode and is always stored as XML files for easy access to the transcripts. The program allows users to associate up to four videos in a single document, which can all be active in the main window in each their own little resizable window. Similar tools: CLAN, Transana

TaDiRAH 1. Level category: Capture, Enrichment, Analysis
TaDiRAH 2. Level category: Discovering, Transcription, Annotating, Visualization
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Tutorial name: From VILA - ELAN
Cost: Free
Research objects: Lab
Last modified: May 10, 2017