ELAN supported by VILA – Thilde Emilie Møller

– Which tools did you use?

“I have used ELAN for transcribing verbal and embodied interactions. In ELAN I used different modes, e.g. segmentation and transcription. Furthermore I used controlled vocabularies to code my video data. Finally, I exported my work from ELAN to Word using the interlinear text function. ELAN is also really useful for exporting frame grabs of the video for presentations and papers.”

– How did the tool help you?

“In my PhD project I study children’s production of films in schools. I have an interest in their ways of collaborating – especially their embodied patterns of collaboration. By using ELAN I was first of all able to systematize my video data. Secondly, by playing the video frame by frame I was able to get a better understanding of the embodied ways of collaborating. In my experience, the process of segmenting the video data and then transcribing the segments has been invaluable for my project. Exporting the frame grabs from ELAN has allowed me to work with multimodal transcriptions of my data. I would like to have function to export multiple frame grabs directly from ELAN.”

– Would you recommend the tool and to whom?

“Absolutely. Also I would like to recommend the video tutorials from I would recommend this tool to researchers and students working with multimodal transcriptions.”