DIGHUMLAB and CHC will host the CHR 2024 Conference in Aarhus

Center for Humanities Computing (CHC) and DIGHUMLAB are proud to be hosting the 2024 edition of the CHR – Computational Humanities Research – Conference.

The CHR Conference focuses on integrating computational methods with traditional humanities inquiries. It serves as a platform for scholars who apply computational and quantitative techniques to humanities data, promoting a space within the broader digital humanities field.

The 2024 edition of the CHR Conference will take place in Aarhus, the second largest city of Denmark, on December 4-6. The conference will be held at Aarhus University, in their historical buildings located in the city center, close to the urban environment and its vibrant atmosphere as well as nature, including parks, forest and the coastline.

“CHC has been represented at the CHR Conference every year since the very beginning in varied roles as part of the Programme Chairs, Organisers and Programme Committee, and we are very happy that 2024 will be the year where we get to take on the daunting task of hosting the conference,” says Line Ejby Sørensen, Local Organiser of CHR2024 and CHC and DIGHUMLAB representative.

Photo: Jesper Rais: AU-foto

The hosts, Center for Humanities Computing (CHC) and DIGHUMLAB know they have very large shoes to fill following last years conference in Paris and have taken steps to ensure the very best conference experience in 2024.

“We have teamed up with some great partners ensuring a seemless conference experience from start to finish, as well as partners providing us with the best food, venues, accommodations, and even cultural experiences for anyone participating,” says Line Ejby Sørensen.

Networking is a priority

A very important aspect of any conference is networking with other researchers, and this years conference aims to create the very best framework to do so, ensuring a variety of accommodation options whilst encouraging that participants stay in the same hotels. The hope is, that this will make participants spend time together outside the conference when they travel from A to B, go out to dinner, or plan a cultural experience together, or maybe a trip to see the City of Aarhus dressed in Christmas lights.

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Your conference hosts

DIGHUMLAB (Digital Humanities Laboratory) is a digital community set out to facilitate knowledge sharing in digital humanities research. DIGHUMLAB supports and organises activities in the field of digital humanities.

Center for Humanities Computing (CHC) is a research and development unit at Aarhus University. CHC has been involved with the CHR Conference and Community since the very beginning both as organisers, participants and contributors of computational humanities research.

CHC and DIGHUMLAB are gearing up to make this event memorable with a perfect blend of conference activities, networking, and cultural experiences. Aarhus, with its unique mix of cultural history, urban proximity, and natural scenery, promises to be the ideal backdrop.

“We’re really looking forward to hosting the CHR Conference, and we hope you’re just as excited to join us! We’re committed to making this event memorable with a perfect blend of insightful discussions and local experiences with lots of “hygge” where you can connect with fellow researchers and explore innovative ideas in computational humanities.“

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