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Digital Curriculum 2020-2021

The project Digital Curriculum aims to develop and support the use of digital methods in the disciplines. In short: What should we teach the students about the the digital foundations and possibilities of our disciplines? This course is targeted towards five selected subjects: Nordic studies, English studies, History, Political Science and Business Economics/Innovation Management. For the second iteration of the project, applications from other fields of study are welcome.


Phase 1: Introduction - needs and possibilities

An introducing and clarifying phase in which the subjects across the universities work together, and in which the participants discuss short- and long-term curriculum goals.

Phase 2: Online lessons and local meetings on redesign

The second phase runs in two parallels: 1) Local meetings on curriculum analysis and lesson redesign and 2) online lessons with focus on various digital methods and cases.

Phase 3: Digital methods used in teaching

The lessons prepared in the last phase will be tested in teaching. Not in courses that are 100 % digitised, but in courses with a significant presence of digital methods.

Phase 4: New goals and evaluation

Finally, we will reflect on the results together with experts on teaching development, and set new realistic goals for the disciplines.

Calendar overview of online lessons

Calendar overview of local meetings

Project overview 2020-2021

Course materials for local meetings

Below you will find the course materials for the local meetings. The materials is also sent to participants by email. 

Course of Action for local meetings

The Course of Action gives you an overview of the proposed timeline, agendas and deliveries for the local meetings and concluding seminar.

Curriculum Analysis

The purpose of the curriculum analysis is to survey 1) how digital tools and computational methods influence the current state of your field and discipline, and 2) what changes would be relevant to make, both long-term and short-term.

Content Analysis

The purpose of the Content Analysis is to clarify what specific topics and materials should be part of a new digital orientated course – and why. 

Lesson redesign

The purpose of the lesson redesign is to plan the short-term effort: Which student activities should your lesson consist of? Which resources is needed to perform those activities?  What support should help scaffold the activities?

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