#DariahTeach: Open education resources

Posted by: DIGHUMLAB , June 17, 2018

#DariahTeach is an open learning platform, which offers skills-oriented courses targeting the digital transformation of arts and humanities. The initiative, which adheres to the European Qualification Framework, presently provides three workshops and six courses at BA/MA level. Completion of a course will result in 5-10 ECTS. Students at higher education can follow all workshops and courses. You will need to identify yourself via username and password.

The workshop about spatial image analytics is a good choice if you work with digital images or if you are interested in exploring the spatial properties of your dataset. Another workshop possibility is an introduction to the basics of conceptual modelling and ontologies. In the courses, you can learn about text encoding, multimodal literacies and sound studies, among other things.

#DariahTeach also offers master classes to groups of higher education teachers in transforming teaching ideas, and already taught courses into open educational resources. Advice on translating existing courses or course material is also available. 

In 2020 #DariahTeach will have supplemented its existing courses with a 30 ECTS suite of six MA courses on design and technology skills for the cultural creative sector funded by a successful project application to ConnectCall.

Read more about the learning platform and find learning material about various DH-related topics  on the website: