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DARIAH – Materials – The Standardization Survival Kit

The Standardization Survival Kit (SSK) is an online open tool designed to support researchers in selecting and using the right standards and best practices in their discipline for the application of digital methods. The SSK is a collection of research use case scenarios illustrating best practices in digital humanities and heritage research.

Guidelines and tools are easier to understand and use when presented through examples. The SSK provides a variety of standardized resources in a meaningful context. The research scenarios brought together here will help you identify the most useful material to carry out your research project, step by step. The SSK allows researchers to tackle these kinds of questions:

  • What is the most common practice for creating a humanities research metadata set?
  • Which factors should be taken into account when digitising texts or a 3D object?
  • What is the best way to perform statistical analysis on historical data?

The research scenarios cover all of the humanities – literature, cultural heritage science, history, archeology, social sciences, linguistics and more. The research scenarios are provided by field experts who share their knowledge about digital methods.

Contribute to SSK and build the community

Bringing together researchers from different backgrounds, the SSK is a place to discuss and devise best practice processes in various fields of interest within the arts and humanities. You are welcome to contribute by creating new scenarios from scratch or by combining steps from different scenarios. Read more about contributing to SSK and building the community.

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