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Cultural Heritage Cluster

Cultural Heritage Cluster is a High-Performance Computer based at the Royal Danish Library in Aarhus. The Cultural Heritage Cluster applies state-of-the-art technologies within data science and in collaboration with DeiC facilitates quantitative research projects on the digital Danish cultural heritage – e.g. radio and TV programmes, websites and historical newspapers.

Put the cluster to work on massive collections

The goal of the Cultural Heritage Cluster is to give researchers, primarily within the humanities and social sciences an opportunity to work quantitatively with big data. The Royal Danish Library offers a wide range of collections for researchers to work with:

  • The radio/TV collection contains more than 2,5 million hours of content collectively from the 1980s until today.
  • The Netarchive contains more than 800 TB data, corresponding to more than 25 billion objects gathered from the Danish part of the Internet from 2005 until today.
  • The digital newspaper collection contains 35 million newspaper pages from the 1700s until today.

All of the above-mentioned collections contain both data and metadata, which are available to research projects. In addition to these large collections, the Royal Danish Library also has smaller special collections. All in all, more than 4 PB, corresponding to approximately 4,000,000 gigabytes, are made available to new and existing research projects.

Current research projects

A number of DeiC pilot projects are running on the Cultural Heritage Cluster. These projects have been financed by DeiC as part of an initiative to spread the use of HPC within the humanities and social sciences at Danish universities. 

All projects have undergone a process, starting with a dialogue on feasibility and identification of data sources and collections. Read about the process in further detail (Danish) or take a look at the current research projects.

Do you have questions or comments?

Please contact Per Møldrup-Dalum, coordinator and general contact, at or Katrine Hofmann Gasser, section manager at the Danish Royal Library at



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