Language-based Materials and Tools

In CLARIN, we provide services for researchers and students who investigate language-based materials, be it in the field of translation, history, political science, literature, classical studies, literature.

CLARIN provides access to language-based materials and tools. CLARIN also offers depositing services: it is easy to upload your own data for sharing with others – and for archiving.

CLARIN stands for “Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure”. CLARIN in Denmark is part of the European Research Infrastructure CLARIN ERIC. In the Danish repository you find various collections of language data: a general language corpus, several collections of language for special purposes, parallel corpora, old Danish texts, etc. CLARIN offers tools to discover, explore, annotate, analyse and combine the datasets. The tools are supported by tutorials and use cases.

As CLARIN is part of a European infrastructure, it also offers access to language data and tools from the other members, see In Denmark CLARIN offers workshops, seminars, PhD-courses, and training courses for scientists. Please contact us if you want to get started, if you want a workshop or a meeting on a specific topic or the like.

Last modified: September 11, 2018