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Bohnets Parser // Mate tools

mate-toolsMate tools is a toolkit of statistical NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) tools comprising a lemmatizer, part-of-speech tagger, morphological tagger, dependency parser, and semantic role labeler. It includes two different dependency parsers, a graph-based parser, and a joint tagger and transition-based parser.

Bohnets parser, which is distributed as ‘mate-tools’, supports many languages. We chose Danish and English for the CLARIN-DK platform. (Support of more languages would require too many server resources.)

What is parsing?
Parsing refers to the way that human beings analyze a sentence or phrase (in spoken language or text) “in terms of grammatical constituents, identifying the parts of speech, syntactic relations, etc.” (Def. From: )

What is a parser?
A parser is a compiler or interpreter component that breaks data into smaller elements for easy translation into another language. A parser takes input in the form of a sequence of tokens or program instructions and usually builds a data structure in the form of a parse tree or an abstract syntax tree.(Def. From: )

TaDiRAH 1. Level category: Capture, Enrichment
TaDiRAH 2. Level category: Conversion, Annotating
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Cost: Free
Research objects: Text
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Last modified: May 9, 2017